Sam Lyn



Life Points:12

Assets: Born Behind the Wheel(Major), Sharp Sense(Minor), Talented Pilot(Minor)
Complications: Lightweight(Minor)

Skills: Athletics D4/Dodge D10, Guns D6/Pistol D8, Influence D6, Knowledge D6, Mechanical Eng. D4, Perception D6/sight D8, Pilot D6/Astrogation D8/Mid Bulk Transports D12/Short Range Shuttle D8, Planetary Vehicles D6, Technical Eng. D4

Gear: Pistol, Combat Knife, Ballistic Mesh


Born to the second wealthiest family in Longstown (second only to the Long family), Sam grew up getting almost everything she wanted. Due to her family’s money from their cattle ranch, Sam never had chores; there were people that were paid to do such things. Sam was never one to sit still, always on the move and in constant motion; she knew two speeds…full speed ahead or stop. She was always outside driving the ranches vehicles or seeing how high she could climb those trees outside before her mom had a heart attack. That could explain her fascination with the ships coming and going from the port outside of Longstown and from Long Haul. Any time she heard the ships, she’d be outside watching them come and go. If they were landing she was at the ship before the crew ever opened the door to step out. Always wanting to check them out, and play on the bridge pretending she was hurtling through the stars. That could explain how the trouble started.

At age 10, she was playing in the Shipyard behind Kit Long’s house when her curious little self figured out the ship’s start up sequence. Before anyone could do anything, Sam had the ship in the air and wobbling through the sky like a wounded duck. Luckily there was a crew member on board doing a check-up and was able to take control and safely land the ship before she could crash it through town. But the thrill was now there, Sam had felt the power and freedom of being in control of a legitimate space ship and now she hungered for more.

Sam began hanging with the mechanics and crew of Long Haul and begging to go along on their test runs. Eventually the pilots even started teaching her about the ins and outs of flying the ships, sometimes even letting her take the controls. The more she learned, the more she wanted to know and the more she wanted to do. Leading to more than a few run-ins with local law enforcement for taking off with a ship without permission. But one thing is for sure, the kid knew her stuff and she was good, almost like flying was in her blood.

Sam Lyn

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