Sherman "Tank" Wells


Sherman Wells gained the nickname Tank as he was growing up due to the well known tanks on Old Earth and his size. Now 31 and standing 6’5”, and 285 lbs of almost pure muscle, Sherman definitely lives up to the moniker of Tank. Resident mechanic and muscle of the crew.

Sherman was born and raised on (in his words) “the ass of the verse”. Always a big boy (born 22”, 16 lbs 11 oz) and strong, life in the family business came easy to him. Sherman’s family ran a salvage yard, which was also Sherman’s playground growing up. As he grew older and started showing more and more interest in the family business it soon became apparent that 2 things came naturally to Sherman…machines and guns. In his own words, machines just talk to him and he likes watching things blow up. Sherman got to the point that he could listen to something and tell you exactly what was wrong with it almost. He could tell why your engine wouldn’t turn over, or tell you your transmission was about to go out. He knew what part you could replace with what at a cheaper (or more expensive) price and what would make a ship run at top efficiency. As for guns and blowing things up…well there were 3 things you could do for fun growing up there, drink, shoot or work on ships.

At 18, he was tired of working on ships sitting on the ground and felt the itch to wander. He and some friends hopped aboard the ship they’d pieced together over the years and took to the sky. They lived the lives of gypsies of old to an extent, never staying in one place longer than they had to. They bounced from planet to planet, moon to moon taking what work came to them. Salvaging and scraping (both legal and illegal), selling what they could, staying on a planet working odd jobs until they had enough to hit the stars again. It was during one of these illegal salvaging “jobs” that things started to fall apart.

As they were buzzing a moon, they ran across an old ship sitting in the middle of nowhere. Dropping in for a look, they quickly decided to root through the ship and take what was worth anything. It was during their search that they came across a bunch of rusted old containers in the ship’s cargo hold. Figuring give their age they weren’t worth anything they let them alone for more profitable and usable prizes. After taking what they wanted from the ship, they decided to give the containers a quick look. Inside the crates they found the greatest prize of the ship. 3 rusted containers filled with cold hard cash. The containers were loaded to their ship and they were quickly off the moon. The friends decided to head to the main planets and live the high-life for a bit with their newfound windfall. After a night filled with good food, booze and fast women, Sherman staggered back to the ship…only to find his friends dead and the crates long gone. Not wanting to be tied to their deaths, or the ill gotten cash, Sherman hired on with a ship and headed back out into the black. He spent the next 2 years constantly looking over his shoulder before coming to the realization that the fate his friends met and settling back into the life he enjoyed.

After a few years of working with different crews he finally found a home on the Steel Donkey where he has been for the past 2 years doing what he does best. 10 years removed the slaughter of his friends in a distant fading memory…or is it?

Sherman "Tank" Wells

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