Spencer "Doc" Clay


Spencer Clay, or Doc as he’s affectionately known by the crew, is the resident medic on board the ship. At 46, he’s the oldest member of the crew, as he usually is. Doc’s not much help in a fight, usually found hiding or staying on the ship, but if forced to he’s more than able to defend himself. Tank has noted many times that Doc seems to be just as good as he is with a gun, so he’s not quite sure why he never fights. But Doc’s true place seems to be after a fight patching up the wounded.

Born on a poor farming backwoods moon, Spencer tried to walk in the families footsteps farming but just never felt the drive or connection to it. It wasn’t until he came across a medical book that he found that connection. Once he started reading, he found he wanted to learn more and couldn’t get enough. Spencer took every opportunity he could to read, study and learn. He even started volunteering to help out with the local doctor every chance he could. He saved every bit he could and between his saving and what money his family could put together he eventually entered medical school. Things came quick and easy to him eventually leading him to graduate top of his class. After completing his internship and getting licensed to practice medicine he went right into opening his own practice. He returned home to set up shop and shortly after reconnected with his childhood sweetheart and married. Not even a year later a daughter was born. Life was good for Spencer, until tragedy struck.

A group broke into Spencer’s office/home looking to loot medical supplies, during the theft both Spencer’s wife and daughter were shot and, despite his best efforts, died as a result of their injuries. After months of mourning Spencer finally decided there was nothing left for him there. He sold everything he had, picked up and got work on the first freighter he could find leaving the moon. He’s spent the better part of 20 years out in the black wandering from ship to ship, crew to crew. Never really caring what the work or destinations are, just to keep moving.

Spencer "Doc" Clay

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