The History (as it’s been told)

When it was discovered that the human population on Earth would eventually become too great for the planet to support us, the governments of the world came together to search for a solution. After much debate, they soon started looking towards the stars. Their plan, find a planet or planets that could support human life…or figure out a way to make planets able to support human life. They started looking in both directions, but after much searching no such planets existed that could sustain and support human life as they were. So the focus became how to make them able to. Terraforming was discovered and the building of such machines began, as the search returned once again to the stars. A galaxy was found that was believed to be the easiest to get set up and plans set into motion.

Satellites were launched carrying the Terraforming devices, their mission was to travel to the new galaxy and land Terraforming machines onto each planet. In the meantime giant ships, called Arks, were built to carry a number of the population to the new galaxy.

After years of construction and debate, those that would travel to the new galaxy (now named Olympus after Mount Olympus in Greek mythology) were chosen and sent on their way. The fleet of Arks set about their long journey. The travel would take much time, in which the planets should be completely Terraformed and ready for human life if all went according to plan.

The journey took enough time that generations passed, involving generations that were born, lived and died without ever stepping foot outside the Arks. Upon arrival at Olympus, they found that things had mostly gone according to plans. Many planets had in fact Terraformed perfectly, while others were still fit for human life yet had their own quirks.

The planets were settled and life began anew. The New Galactic Republic was formed and people began living their lives. Generations passed and, as with anything, nothing is perfect. Most chose to go back to living as close to Old Earth as was possible, while others took the first chance they had to leave solid land venture the black.

300 years have passed since the first pilgrim from Old Earth first set foot on solid land in Olympus. Life, for most, has gone back to a certain normality. But for some, the generations before them that lived and died on ships, it’s gotten into their blood. For those few, their souls are only at peace floating through the black.


Olympus Raven_JT