Storms Brewing(Preview)

With everything going on with the Triad and that strange ship attacking them, the crew decides it might be in their best interests to lay low for a bit. After returning to Zeus and dropping off their passengers they decide to dry dock the ship for a bit and let things cool. While doing some repairs and upgrades to the ship they are approached by a man representing a gentleman that might have some work for them. Rywen and Tank head to the address left by the mysterious man, it takes them from dirty dock area to a more elegant part of town. They are taken and introduced to Devlin Wentworth who explains that a former employee of his, Phillip Fenderson, had suggested them for a sensitive job. He tells them his niece’s ship had been found floating adrift with no one on board 6 weeks earlier. He has tracked through sources where she may be located, being held by The Dread. Wentworth offers them a large sum of money to track her down alive, and a slightly larger sum if they find her otherwise. The crew agrees, finishes what needs to be done with the ship and heads off towards Poseidon.

The crew arrives on Poseidon battling heavy winds and strong storms finally break through the stormy atmosphere and follow the coordinates to an island surrounded by a sea wall. As they land on one of the little landing pads, they can see some battered buildings behind what little protection from the churning sea that is provided by the sea wall. The crew manages to sneak their way through the little island stronghold, quietly dispatching any Dread they come across before having to fight their way through a heavily guarded room. They find Wentworth’s niece behind a secret wall severely beaten and unconscious. As they try to get her out and to the ship, they encounter a group of armored men bearing a strange emblem and have to fight their way through both Dread and the newly arrived men back out to their ship. The crew takes off followed by a ship; Sam takes a chance and flies straight into a super storm in a chance to evade their followers. She manages to hold the ship together and get out into the black without being followed. They make haste back to Zeus as the doc looks over the newest occupant of the infirmary.

They return back to Zeus and Wentworth with his niece, his team of doctors quickly rush her off to check her over as Wentworth talks with the crew. They fill him in on the events of finding and acquiring her, including The Dread and other men they encountered. Rywen draws their emblem as best she can, which leads to Wentworth telling them about the rumors of the Third Eye.

After making arrangements for their payment, Wentworth leaves to see to his niece and the crew heads back to their ship. When they arrive to the ship, they have a message waiting for them from Kit Long. Long informs them that he has work for them, to return to him at their earliest convenience. With the ship set to autopilot for Lamnatide, the crew digs through their newly gained loot and finds a memory stick amongst the loot. They find on it an audio recording which could have information regarding Wentworth’s niece.

Storms Brewing(Preview)

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